BYJ 'TWSSG', first broadcasting on 10 in next month.

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BYJ 'TWSSG', first broadcasting on 10 in next month[Hankook Daily]8/4/ 07:22
To begin with special edition, not a regular drama.
Making film to introduce how BYJ is getting along lately
'Yon-sama' BYJ will fans first in special video.

MBC fusion history drama 'TWSSG'(Script by Song Jina, Direction by Kim Jonghak), which has been talked about a lot and had many interruptions, will meet TV viewers first in special edition. MBC Drama Department temporarily decided the first broadcasting date of the 'TWSSG' on September 10.The broadcasting on that day will be a kind of special edition, not a real drama, and it will be made of Tangun Mythology, that becomes theme and background for the drama, and making video containing production process, prior to (regular) airing.With this special edition, it is expected to be able to watch how 'Yon-sama' BYJ had been getting along lately, which has been hidden under veil all the while. As time BYJ, mainstay in this drama, spent while preparing the 'TWSSG', will be made public in this making film, and it is predicted that it will sufficiently resolve thirsty feeling of fans who are thirsty for 'Yon-sama'.An official at the Drama Department of the MBC told, "We decided to prepare the special edition at the level of re-illuminating the Tangun Mythology. Because it is a drama with ancient history as it background, we prepared (the special edition) at the level of offering TV viewers prior knowledge."MBC carried out special programming of giving it entire one week beginning with 'TWSSG' Speicial Edition on 10, Monday and from first episode on 11 to third episode on 13, Thursday.That is an very much extraordinary case, and it was known that it is a thoughtful consideration by MBC for satisfactory result of story and computer graffic as seen in a preview screening that was held recently under utmost secret.Staff related to it hinted sense of satisfaction regarding his opinion after watching it by saying, " Elaborate CG(Computer Graffic), which has not been seen in domestic dramas, is tremendous. I am confident that it bears comparison with foreign dramas."The 'TWSSG' in total of 24 episodes, has finished filming upto 16th episodes at present in Jeju Island set.Reported by Lee Hyeonah,

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