[Show Business Radar] MR.Bae Yong-Joon

Another translation by Joanne on BYJ's Quilt.

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[Show Business Radar]MR.Bae Yong-Joon...

BONUSThis is a photo in unrelated article on BYJ

As the 'TWSSG', starring BYJ, recently resumed filming that had been discontinued, Jeju island is moving up and down again.Along with resumption of the filming, the drama production crew changed their shared lodging from Hanhwa Condominium to Citicon Hotel near airport. Not only Japanese fans, who have been (visiting Jeju) infrequently for a while, are visiting Jeju again of course, but there are unchangingly constant stream of visitors in front of BYJ's new lodge.They wait for all day long sticking in underground parking lot to see appearance of 'Yon-sama' just once.They would not leave the parking lot at all even in sultry weather like steaming pot and impure air.Although the sincere heart of fans are great, the hotel are much agonizing due to safety problem in the parking lot.In the end, BYJ's management company, taking in consideration of safety problem for the fans, delivered a message asking fans from restraining themselves from visiting his lodge on his official fan site.It is a different appearance from other top stars who are always hyngry for interests from enthusiastic fans. In particular, BYJ, despite being a Hallyu star, does not insist on special right (treatment), so that he receives big trust from production crew.Although it will be allright to do individual activity in other lodge, as he shows simple appearance of insisting to share suffering and rejoicing together with staff, deepening their trust in him.

Marikoo Post on soompi 29.07.2007

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